How no-code is getting easier to adopt

5 ways things are changing in 2024

To stay competitive, organisations need to quickly build applications that can automate workflows, improve productivity, and connect with customers.

But how easy is that in practice?

Recent innovations in AI are further democratizing no-code application development, allowing businesses and organisations to see a greater impact. In Forrester’s January 2024 Total Economic Impact study of Google Workspace, one of its key findings was how organisations benefited from AppSheet, Google's no-code app development platform. AppSheet enabled more efficient workflows and decreased application development time by up to 80% and saved $8.7 million for the organisation over three years.

In this post, Google Workspace highlights a few new ways AppSheet is making it easier for businesses of all sizes to use intuitive tools to create custom apps and automations without having to write any code.

▶ Read more in this recent article from Google Workspace.

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