The sky’s the limit

Cloud services for SMBs

AWS is one of the leading cloud providers and offers more than 70 different services. 

This means there’s most likely a service for just about anything you can think of that you want to deploy in your business. But how accessible are they to SMBs? This article helps demystify.

Which cloud service is right for you?

Now the world has become less wary of cloud services, with businesses of all shapes and sizes embracing the clear benefits moving to the cloud brings, the next question is “which cloud service?”.

Here are some basics to think about
  1. Which infrastructure? Because your data needs to live somewhere.
  2. Which platform? Because a platform is needed for business applications – even if email is the most complex tool you use.
  3. Which back-up solution? If you don’t back-up data, you’re asking for trouble if a natural disaster or cyber breach occurs.
  4. Will it scale? Whether that’s up or down, in good times and bad, it has to be flexible.
Market leaders

There are a number of market leaders all with interesting options, but we think the case for SMBs to use AWS cloud services is pretty compelling.

The case for Automated Templates from AWS

In the past, SMBs were put off by the complex infrastructure with its own rules and laws that required highly skilled resource to deploy it.

They’ve listened to their customers and introduced a range of automated templates especially built for SMBs that make onboarding with them easier, faster and cheaper because you don’t need to employ or hire in expensive professional services resource to deploy them.

No need for expensive professional services

Depending on the skills of your internal team, you may still wish to consult a specialist but this will be a far simpler and less time-consuming process because all the templates are pre-built. It may just mean you need a bit of help setting it up in the first instance,

⚠️Cautionary note

It’s easy to get carried away with all the amazing things you can do. Whichever provider you choose, keep an eye on your storage and infrastructure needs to prevent costs skyrocketing!

What are you waiting for?

So here you have it. The capability to run applications, ecommerce, and, ultimately, all or a portion of your infrastructure in the cloud. No costs for maintenance, monitoring, hosting or securing it on your own.

Find out more

➡️ See for yourself how easy it is with the automated out-of-the-box templates. Book your 30-minute discovery call now and get your £25 Amazon or charity voucher.

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