Eight reasons to move to the cloud

And how to help your customers get there

Cloud computing offers value, agility and the ability to open up new markets for businesses. In this article, leading global distributor, Ingram Micro Cloud, outlines some of the key cloud services terms, and some advantages for partners of moving their customers to the cloud.

From cloud applications to core infrastructure such as Sage, customers moving their technology to the cloud is a shift in mindset that many businesses have begun, at least to some extent. Compared to hosting infrastructure on-premise, the cloud offers up the ability to pay for what they use and shift costs from capital expenditure to OPEX.

Why migrate your Sage ERP to the cloud

Owning and maintaining your own infrastructure on-premise can be expensive and costly – both from maintaining equipment and the physical space to host it. Buying enough on-premise infrastructure can also be a challenge to plan capacity, with the result being that you are paying for too much or too little space. With the cloud revolution, your customers can quickly obtain the ability to swiftly jump on new opportunities and plan for new business demands.

By moving to the cloud, they can:

  1. Control costs of equipment purchases, IT resources, and physical storage premises
  2. Pay only for what they use with elasticity that on-premises infrastructure does not offer
  3. Scale up or down with the capacity and agility they need for modern business opportunities
  4. Stay current with new software updates and features
  5. Benefit from the leading-edge security patches to protect their business from cyber threats or the risk of regulatory fines
  6. Best-in-class technology from the leading vendors to capitalise on automation and other new technologies
  7. Innovate and use data at their fingertips with analytics and dashboards from SaaS solutions
  8. Support modern ways of working with tools and dashboards accessible from anywhere and suited to remote or hybrid working
Your cloud is waiting in Paradise

Like many Ingram Micro Cloud Partners, Paradise Computing has developed a service of the requisite quality to fully meet your customers' demands with moving to the cloud. Together, Paradise and Ingram Micro Cloud are best placed to meet the needs of any business adopting cloud computing, with channel partners benefitting from the extensive experience to support their customers' wider ecosystem and cloud migration.

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