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With nearly every business running some form of cloud network or database, securing data in the cloud has never been more important.

If you choose to run your applications in either a public or hybrid cloud, you’re effectively putting your trust in a third party to run your security.  This means you need to stay on top of things and ensure your cloud computing provider understands their responsibilities.

Of course, it’s in their best interest to ensure top-tier security, however, every business environment is unique and it’s up to individual businesses to go the extra mile to guard against exponential rises in security breaches year on year.

Compliance & Regulation

Data protection standards like HIPAA and GDPR ensure the integrity and security of customer data.  These standards were put together to ensure the integrity and security of customer data.   If it’s breached, you can’t simply pass responsibility to your cloud computing provider as individual businesses are answerable to the regulators.

Managing Remote Workers

With the increase in remote and hybrid working, you’re at the mercy of your employees.  They could be working from coffee shops using public Wi-Fi to access business applications which carries a high risk.  Many will be using personal devices to carry out business tasks which makes them more susceptible to phishing attacks and malware.

Data Leaks

Sometimes businesses using cloud storage accidentally leak data into the public domain.  These needn’t be the result of malicious intent, but of poor security practice.  Access control, therefore, is a key component of an organisation’s security posture as it helps prevent errors that lead to data leaks.

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity planning means having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.  This means backup and storage of data to the cloud so whatever happens, it’s protected and accessible in the shortest possible.

Skills Deficit And Security Debt  

There are approximately 10,000 unfilled cyber security vacancies in the UK because there’s a massive skills shortage.  This means businesses take on a level of security debt because they can’t (or won’t) invest enough money or resources into security efforts.  This term compares the pressures of monetary debt with the long-term burden developers and IT teams face when security shortcuts need to be taken.

Managed Security Vs In-House  

Many businesses are moving towards using Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to look after all aspects of their cyber security posture, rather than resource partially or fully in-house.  An MSSP is a third-party company responsible for providing security for the outsourcing organisation’s systems and networks. Their services operate 24/7 and have the responsibility to protect their client’s servers and data against cyberattacks.

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