Cyber Security Cost or Cost Savings?

A matter of perspective

You can always argue that anything beyond what you’re spending right now is a cost.

Yet, with breaches within SMEs at record highs, it’s a fact many businesses don’t survive more than 6 months following a cyber security breach.

As a result, more businesses are looking to increase security measures to protect employee and customer data, and themselves against reputational damage, regulatory fines and ransomware demands, should the worst happen.

Need to improve your cyber security posture?

Whether you’re just starting out, or know you need to invest more in technology and resource, our handy calculator offers a comparison between taking it in-house vs using a managed security service.

 Make your comparison now!
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Save time, money and resource with our cost-effective managed cyber security platform; keep your users safe, protect your core infrastructure, enhance your security and mitigate risk against cyber crime.

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