Cybersecurity: Advice for the SME

Sometimes the responsibility for cyber security falls to SME owners who are often fulfilling several roles. 

Alternatively, they have a small team of IT staff who need to include cyber security within their remit.

This responsibility for cyber security can feel overwhelming as they juggle managing issues relating to data security and integrity, avoiding breaches, understanding and implementing the protection measures required to efficiently deal with cyber threats, whilst also doing the day job.  Either that or cyber security is be seen as a distress purchase once something’s gone wrong. 

You can get on the front foot by downloading this whitepaper which provides guidance on the latest cyber security dangers, defence strategies, and best practices, with a particular focus on prevention rather than remediation, that should be followed by SMB leaders and their employees.

NetUtils are specialist providers of Heimdal’s solutions whose products also feature in their managed security service designed for SMEs. 

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Save time, money and resource with our cost-effective managed cyber security platform; keep your users safe, protect your core infrastructure, enhance your security and mitigate risk against cyber crime.

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eBook: IT Security as a Managed Service

Ashok Thomas, CEO of leading managed security company, Net Utils, talks candidly about the pro’s and con’s for SME’s thinking about taking a managed security service into their business

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