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Here for the SMB’s

With regulatory, compliance and data security pressures increasing, larger businesses are often better placed to react to these pressures, but the impact and obligations on smaller enterprises is just as significant.

SMB’s are required to comply to the same rules as larger enterprises and face the same penalties if they don’t.

Our primary objective is to address some of the biggest security triggers for SMB’s and we’ve focused on:

  • Risk Visibility
  • Data Encryption
  • Email monitoring and security
  • Security as a Service (Managed Security)
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Because Security Matters

We’ll address topics you’ll face every day - and topics we hope you’ll never face. Our posts will be objective in their approach and impartial in the advice we give. It’s your business, you decide what you want to do next.

We’ll introduce you to clever technologies, services and security specialists who can help but, importantly, you’ll choose whether you engage with them. And, as we get to know you, we’ll provide information more relevant to you and your sector, continually refining our help and advice to better address your own personal challenges.

You choose what we post and what you read. Soon we’ll ask you to rate our posts to make sure we continue to address subjects you want to hear about. So, you always have the last word.

We know there’s a demand for simple, affordable solutions that address all these factors and provide a basic security layer that meets at least the minimum obligations.

We’re here to help meet that demand.

We focus on where’s most important, with a special emphasis on visibility, encryption, email security and managed services, each a continuing challenge for SMB’s.

Ultimately, we’re here because security matters and we want to help you and your business remain safe and secure.

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