How cloud computing empowers hardware

Do you have the systems to bring hardware to life?

It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, who your target audience is, or what demographic you are hoping to appeal to, most businesses use similar hardware. 

When it comes to business operations and the day-to-day management of a business, the hardware we all rely on is much the same – regardless of whether you’re a multi-million-pound corporation or a small local business.

What differentiates one business from another isn’t so much the hardware that they use, as it is the systems that bring that hardware to life. Look at it this way – there are millions of people out there who use the same iPhone technology, yet the way that they use that technology is dictated by the apps they download. Thus, it matters not what device they own, but rather the apps and systems that they download onto that device for everyday and regular use.

In this blog, we’re considering some of the ways in which cloud computing empowers the hardware that you use within your business – with a focus on sustainable IT solutions, personalised systems, and business flexibility.

What is cloud computing?

Here at SHI International, we talk a lot about the benefits of different computing and IT software solutions, matching different businesses with the solutions that streamline their operations and bolster their presence in their market or industry. One area that is becoming particularly prevalent in this sector is cloud computing – the means through which different devices and hardware options are used in different ways depending on the apps we download and the systems we build into the devices.

A lot of this depends on the industry that you operate in. A global organisation might rely on cloud computing as a means of supporting communication in different regions, whereas a local business may use cloud computing and integrated apps to manage their presence across different local platforms. Similarly, cloud computing could be used to manage storage, to process orders and payments, and to optimise communication apps – with all of this depending on the resources and services that you select as part of your subscription to cloud computing.

A few things to consider with cloud

Before we go into detail about the ways in which cloud computing can empower your hardware and your business, here are a few things you need to know about cloud computing.

  • Cloud computing is characterised as on-demand access to services and resources via the internet, without requiring any additional IT infrastructure onsite.
  • By moving away from a reliance on physical IT systems, cloud computing lets you access additional storage, applications, services, and data in a cost and space-effective way.
  • Some of the biggest benefits of cloud computing for businesses include the ease with which businesses can grow and scale up, integrating new systems into their business seamlessly.

With all that said, how exactly does cloud computing boost the hardware you use in your business?

The effect of cloud computing on hardware

Cloud computing is what breathes life into the hardware you use, both at work and in your personal life. Netflix, WhatsApp, Teams, and the Google Drive are all examples of cloud computing solutions which enhance the way that we use various devices across our lives – with the first and most immediate benefit being that cloud computing makes it possible for our devices to be used in a plethora of ways.

In a business setting, this is particularly beneficial as it means that IT becomes more sustainable – enhancing the lifespan of a single device and enabling businesses to continue to upgrade the way a piece of hardware or technology device is used without needing to replace it. As long as the systems and computing updates are compatible with a device, that device can be consistently upgraded without the need to dispose of and replace and hardware.

In addition, it is through cloud computing that we are able to tailor and personalise hardware to suit our exact business needs – whatever they may be. Just as you download the apps that you are interested in to your own smartphone or personal device, so too can a business network be tailored to its industry or sector by downloading and using the computing systems which best suit its purpose. This ensures that the hardware is always well suited to the ways in which it is used, without being impacted by sudden spikes or changes in demand.

Driving costs down with cloud

A further benefit of cloud computing is the effect it has on expenses across your business – empowering your business to utilise a brand new and ever-changing set of tools without needing to invest in local and physical hardware. By this we mean that when you use cloud computing you all your security, storage, and processing needs, you reduce the demand your business places on physical hardware and instead create a space within the cloud where all your internal resources are housed for easy access. This enhances the way hardware is used, without increasing the amount of hardware required.

And then we have the flexibility that cloud computing presents to businesses of all shapes and sizes. When a business or organisation utilises cloud computing as part of its software, each piece of hardware is able to access the network and various in-house resources from remote locations – ceasing the need for hardware to be physically close to a data centre in order to access certain resources. Through cloud computing, entire databases are moved online and able to be accessed remotely – something which made business operations possible during Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns, and which allows businesses to continue to offer flexible and remote working opportunities to its team members.

How to empower your own hardware with cloud computing

Now that we understand a little more about how cloud computing works in relation to hardware, what can you and your business do to put these benefits into practice?

One of the biggest things that cloud computing offers to business hardware is the ability to integrate automation into various operations and processes. Whether it’s a 24/7 customer service presence through AI and automated responses, or the provision of consistent security across your online touchpoints, through cloud computing businesses can use their hardware to scale and become more efficient. Not to mention it allows them to deliver a more consistent experience to customers and clients. The way that this works is by tapping into the provision of cloud computing through a central database.

Partnering with SHI International

When you partner with SHI International, we take the time to work through your individual needs and understand the ways in which you use hardware and different systems in your business. From there we can work to integrate the best cloud solutions into your hardware to meet your sustainability goals and to tailor the hardware you use without the need for physical IT infrastructure (which is both expensive to run and takes up a great deal of office space).

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