Six ways Microsoft 365 and Surface work in unison

Getting software and hardware working hand-in-hand

When it comes to scaling, managing, and expanding your business, having the right tools at your disposal no longer means relying on the right devices and hardware – it means making sure that you also use the right software to enhance and empower the way your hardware is used.

One solution which has found its way into the spotlight over the last couple of years is the Microsoft 365 package and complimenting Microsoft Surface hardware devices. In this piece, we take an in-depth look at Microsoft 365 and the Surface, and discuss why they are such a powerhouse in the modern world of online business.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a software package with different options available for home users, small businesses, and larger enterprises. It essentially packages together all the apps and tools that a computer or online system might need, putting all of these apps together into a cloud which can then be accessed by the user from any connected device.

For smaller businesses, Microsoft 365 enables productivity and connection anywhere with documents able to be shared into the cloud, collaboration available across shared apps, and calendar and chat functions built-in for connectivity.

For enterprises, Microsoft 365 is built to modernise employee experience and empower the workforce with a single interface and central hub from which they can connect, network, access, and automate different systems, resources, and documents.

What is Surface?

Microsoft Surface refers to a collection of devices which are characterised by their touchscreen-functions. Built by Microsoft, Surface devices are 100% compatible with the Microsoft apps and systems, with various features built into the devices which deliberately support and enhance the way that apps can be used.

One of the overriding benefits of Microsoft Surface devices is that they are inherently portable and able to be transported with ease – supporting the continued popularity of remote working and flexible work solutions for modern employees. Not to mention the Surface devices are high-quality, built to last, and very easy to use.

How do the two work in unison?

In studies that monitor the efficiency of Microsoft 365 on other devices compared with the same package on a Surface device, it is found that the Surface enhances security, streamlines the user experience, bolsters employee satisfaction, and supports the use of hardware in a way that takes advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft 365.

The main reason why Microsoft 365 and the Surface go well together is simple – they were designed and built to complement each other, with the Surface created to facilitate and support a seamless experience across all Microsoft software. Just like two pieces of a jigsaw that are manufactured to fit together perfectly, every aspect of the 365 software enhances the way that the Surface can be accessed and used – from reliable communication and networking tools to enhanced security, secure sign-ins, and high-quality apps.

Here are just some of the ways in which Microsoft 365 software and Surface devices are made to be used together.

1) Easy to install and integrate

When running a business, company owners are increasingly finding that workers want to not only work with flexibility and from all manner of locations, but also want to work across different devices. Whether that means checking work emails from a home desktop or accessing presentations on the go for some last minute revisions during the morning commute, accessibility across different devices is becoming more of a challenge every single day.

Intune is a tool which is built into Microsoft 365 which unites a Surface device with remote devices and other hardware, providing a seamless experience regardless of where documents, emails, and updates are being accessed from. What this means is that the employer-owned Surface can provide a hub of activity for each employee, while the installation of Microsoft 365 and Intune management makes it easy to access and manage resources from other smart devices.

2) Up-to-date security

One of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses is security, particularly with the increase in remote working. As such, any solution which supports and optimises security is a selling point – with Microsoft 365 and Surface working together to constantly and automatically ensure that every Surface device is integrated with the latest security updates.

In addition, Surface devices benefit from built-in features which encourage a more personalised security process for individuals and businesses. The front-facing camera built into each device, for example, allows each to be protected with facial recognition for optimised security. Fingerprint technology is another tool which is deliberately factored into the construction of the Surface devices and is supported by 365 technology, while the connection between the Surface device and a user’s other smart devices means that text authentication is a possibility to further protect the device.

3) Change management

When a business is using the most up to date software, it is better able to respond to change and continually adapt to stay ahead of the competition. Through the union of Microsoft 365 and Surface devices, businesses benefit from automated updates which expose them to innovative new technologies and will be among the first to explore updates which enhance the usability of a device, app, or online tool.

Because Surface hardware is designed to support a united user interface across each and every Microsoft 365 tool, modern working becomes easier than ever – playing perfectly into the idea of working smarter, not harder.

4) Connected apps

The Microsoft 365 package combines a series of different apps which tap into and support every aspect of the way a business is run and manages – with apps for internal communications, accessing resources and documents, sharing files, and so much more. When accessed through a Surface device, these apps are all instantly connected and available with only an internet connection – allowing employees to stay connected wherever they are through their integrated apps.

Some other examples include the provision of an HD camera which enables the Microsoft Teams communications apps to be used, the interactive whiteboard which can be accessed during remote or face-to-face meetings, and the long-range microphones built into each Surface device.

5) Built-in support

How many hours and pounds have been wasted on IT support services across your business? With Microsoft 365 and Surface, businesses are seeing an average of 86% reduction in password reset requests thanks to the built in support and are spending significantly less time testing and setting up applications to support their various operations and activities. This leads to…

6) Improved experience = higher retention

If there’s one benefit that no business can overlook, it’s the simple fact that an improved user experience is a big tick for employee satisfaction and retention. When employees feel like their employer is investing in systems and software which makes their job easier, they enjoy greater workplace satisfaction and are more likely to stay in their role. Not to mention, with the Surface devices offering a range of solutions which support on-the-go working, flexible working, and the need for comprehensive hardware set ups, there is a device for everyone.

Partnering with SHI International

When you partner with SHI International, we take the time to work through your individual needs and understand the ways in which you use hardware and different systems in your business. From there we can work to integrate the best cloud solutions into your hardware to meet your sustainability goals and to tailor the hardware you use without the need for physical IT infrastructure (which is both expensive to run and takes up a great deal of office space).

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