What makes Microsoft Surface and 365 ideal for retailers?

The software to enhance and empower the way you use hardware

To successfully scale, manage and expand your retail business, having the right tools at your disposal no longer means relying on the right devices and hardware. 

In today’s competitive market, you also need to think about what software will enhance and empower the way you use that hardware.

In recent years, Microsoft 365 and the complementary Microsoft Surface devices have found their way into the spotlight thanks to their ability to work harmoniously, helping retailers of all sizes achieve their goals. In this article, we’ll explore what makes Microsoft 365 and Surface such a powerful solution in the modern world of retail.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a software package that brings together apps in a business’ cloud platform, which can be accessed from any connected device.

With document sharing, in-app collaboration, and in-built communication functions, M365 boosts productivity and enables your team to connect from anywhere. For retailers, having a central hub that enables you to automate various systems and resources is ideal because you can effortlessly bring together your entire workforce — whether they work in the warehouse, back office or in store — on one user-friendly platform.

What is Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface is a range of high-quality devices that are inherently portable and characterised by their easy-to-use touchscreen-functions. Each device is purpose built to highlight the entire value of Microsoft’s cloud solutions.

There are currently over 2,000 Microsoft-backed apps that have been specifically designed for the retail industry, meaning you can tailor your device to fit your exact business needs. Plus, there are a range of compatible accessories on offer — such as a movable desk stand — that you can attach to the device as required, making the Surface products incredibly versatile.

Why is it best to integrate M365 and Microsoft Surface?

When it comes to picking the perfect technology for your business, it’s worth thinking about how the hardware and software will complement each other so you get the most out of your investment. For example, M365 and Surface devices have been designed to work best together. Compared to other hardware on the market, Surface devices are able to take full advantage of the Microsoft 365’s capabilities to enhance security, streamline the user experience and bolster employee satisfaction.

Being able to quickly roll out solutions that offer excellent connectivity, collaboration capabilities, and robust security features is paramount for retail organisations as they’re typically vast and spread across multiple facilities. Using hardware and software that seamlessly integrate , you can begin enhancing your operations straight away in the knowledge that you’re be getting the best performance out of your products.

Additionally, adopting combination of M365 and Surface across all departments enables you to bridge the gap between physical and digital channels to create a superior customer experience. Whether your customers are shopping online or visiting a store, your employees will be able to meet their high expectations by delivering speedy, convenient services.

The benefits of combining Microsoft 365 and Surface

1. Optimum security

One of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses is security. Cybercriminals’ tactics are constantly evolving, which is especially dangerous for retailers who can’t afford to fall victim to data breaches. The good news is, Microsoft 365 and Surface work in tandem to secure every device in your business with constant and automatic installations of the latest security updates, so you can stay one step ahead.

Furthermore, Surface devices encourage everyone in your business to employ personalised security processes. For instance, the integrated front-facing cameras enable you to unlock devices using facial recognition, so there’s no risk of someone stealing your passwords.

2. Change management

It’s far easier to respond to change and stay ahead of the competition when you use the most up-to-date software. Combined, M365 and Surface devices install automatic updates of innovative new technologies so you can be among the first to explore them and enhance the usability of your hardware.

And, because Surface hardware supports a unified user interface across every M365 tool, your employees can confidently carry out tasks from any device. Consequently, your team will be ready to adapt as required, embracing the ethos of working smarter, not harder.

3. Built-in support

How much valuable time and money have you wasted on IT support services across your business? With M365 and Surface, those issues can be a thing of the past. In fact, companies have reported an average 86% reduction in password reset requests due to the in-built support Microsoft provides.

Moreover, better user experiences help to boost job satisfaction for your staff, leading to a lower turnover rate in the long run.

Microsoft 365 and Surface are better together

M365 is Microsoft’s most comprehensive offering of apps and tools, making it a cost-effective way to enhance your devices and bring them together under a single cloud computing software. And, when those devices are Surface products, you’ll benefit from apps that work seamlessly, automatic updates, robust security and a high-quality user interface.

Discover which solutions are right for your business

SHI’s three-decade relationship with Microsoft enables them to offer world-class licensing expertise and strategic services that support you in migrating, modernising, optimising, and managing your business to realise the full value of your Microsoft investment.

Want to learn how you can transform your retail business? Click here to talk to an SHI Specialist.

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