CEO Fraud Prevention Manual

What it is and how to deal with it

Although the report features facts and figures relating to the US, we know from listening to our community, the UK is far from exempt

By targeting business leaders to gain access to business credentials it’s ruined the careers of many executives and loyal employees. Successful CEOs have been fired because of it.  Share prices have collapsed.  IPOs and mergers have been taken off the table.

This type of cyber crime generated more than 23,000 complaints that were responsible for losses of more than $1.7 billion in 2019 alone. Between June 2016 and July 2019, the FBI reported that the total domestic and international exposed dollar loss was over $26 billion.

Despite these statistics, cyber risk management remains a blind spot for most C-level executives. Therefore, any organisation led by its CEO must quickly learn to integrate these skills and technologies into day-to-day operations – or face the consequences.

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This CEO Fraud Prevention Manual provides a thorough overview of how to deal with this exponentially growing wave of preventable cyber crime.

Part I

Explains how top executives in finance are hoodwinked, how organisations are compromised, how millions are siphoned off by criminals, and how fiduciary responsibilities play a role.

Part II

Covers how to prevent such an attack as well as what to do if you become the latest victim. This includes checklists of the key steps.

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