Devices, media and services

While organisations move core networks and infrastructure to the cloud at ever-increasing rates, devices, media and services remain core to users’ experiences.

At user-level, devices are their route into accessing cloud services, core SaaS platforms, and collaboration tools to work efficiently with their colleagues.

From IT’s perspective, endpoint devices are the first network component. In other words, they serve as either the original source or final destination of all data transmitted across the firm’s network. Each individual device is recognised by a unique address (an IP address). Optimising this interconnected network of devices is crucial to ensuring an agile, flexible – and productive – modern workforce.

Devices and media

Devices and media, also known as hardware or network components, are the physical aspects of IT infrastructure. From PCs, switching, routers, wireless and cabling, this is the ‘visible’ aspect of a businesses’ IT setup.

Choosing the best devices for users is important both for productivity and staff satisfaction, but also for perception of the organisation. From high-end compute power for graphic designers and developers to lighter 2-in-1 devices for field staff, it is important to choose the right tools for the job.


Devices and media are ultimately the means to an end for users to access services. Working in conjunction with devices, services are users’ interface to their jobs.

They include email hosting platforms, web hosting, and collaboration tools. Services also play host to the functionality that facilitates communication across the network.

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