The second wave of digital transformation

How Surface helps retailers navigate it

With the second wave of digital transformation, the focus shifts to mobile and the user experience.

The Surface devices made by Microsoft can help stores improve customer service and save time. With a Surface Pro or Studio POS terminal or kiosk, customers may complete their transactions fast and easily. If used properly, this can help businesses better interact with their clientele, provide them with speedier and more individualised service, and generally improve the quality of their interactions with them.

In addition to facilitating better customer education and training, the Surface devices may be used to create interactive digital content like instructional videos and product demos. This can help stores better comprehend what their clients want and better focus their advertising.

How Surface, with its current device approach, aids retailers in navigating the second wave of digital transformation.

To aid with digital transformation and consumer interaction, retailers could use Surface tablets as part of their modern device strategy. Retailers may be able to increase customer satisfaction by catering to shoppers' wants and needs with the help of Surface devices' capabilities and applications. This has the potential to enhance the quality of service provided to customers and expand the brand's visibility.

In order to stay competitive, businesses can take advantage of Microsoft's cloud solutions, which provide a wide range of features. Microsoft's Azure and Office 365 products are designed to provide retailers a wide variety of benefits. A cloud-based data storage, distribution, and analysis system is now within reach for merchants thanks to Microsoft Azure. It's possible to use this data for predictive marketing purposes, such as learning more about customers and tailoring their experiences. To further automate tasks, alert customers, and streamline interactions, you may take advantage of Azure's many machine learning and AI features.

Office 365 can help merchants make the move to the cloud by providing a suite of productivity tools for handling customer accounts, advertising campaigns, and support inquiries. Office 365 integrates with a wide range of complementary tools to help businesses streamline their communication and operational processes. Combining Office 365 and Dynamics 365, for instance, enables stores to store customer information, create customer segments, and acquire valuable insights.

Cooperation between Microsoft and other IT firms benefits both customers and the planet

To provide merchants with a unified digital platform, Microsoft has partnered with several IT companies including Dell Technologies, Adobe, and Salesforce. Companies can benefit from these partnerships because they have access to resources like customer service and support as well as products and services that give customers with a far better overall experience. Merchants may better manage carbon footprints and reduce sustainability risks thanks to the access to critical sustainability initiatives made possible by these contracts, such as environmental stewardship and renewable energy.

The agreements also make it easier for businesses to provide superior customer service by allowing for the uninterrupted flow of information, programmes, and processes. This aids stores in getting back to customers faster when they have questions or concerns, and in responding to customer feedback and comments. Further, by gaining access to new technology tools and apps that can enhance efficiency and reduce costs, these contracts can help merchants scale and optimise their operations.

Using Microsoft's safe platform, retailers can shield customers' financial and personal information from the checkout to the cloud.

By shielding sensitive consumer information from cybercriminals and facilitating resilience, Microsoft's Secure Platform helps stores meet stringent security and compliance standards. Microsoft uses a multi-layered security strategy to protect its clients from data loss, abuse, and unauthorised access, starting with the physical layer with a chip and progressing to cloud security. The technology employs machine learning and big data analytics to rapidly detect anomalous behaviour and counteract security risks.

The Microsoft Cloud for Retail solution is an end-to-end retail system that increases efficiency, transparency, and command over all aspects of running a retail business. The Power BI, analytics, and machine learning integrated into this cloud-based service provide insightful data that can improve retail operations, marketing, supply chain management, and more. With a PowerApps platform, businesses may create and modify their own apps to better serve customers and save operational costs. By utilising this technology, businesses can reduce time and money spent on getting a product to market, increase their agility in meeting customer needs, and improve their relationship with their clientele. The added layer of security helps businesses maintain customer privacy and comply with government mandates.

Find out more

In a series of short articles over the coming weeks, SHI will discuss more about cloud and security in the second wave era for retailers.

For a demonstration on the latest Surface Devices and how they can support the retail sector, contact an SHI specialist today.

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