Risk Visibility IS YOUR NETWORK SECURE? You can’t protect what you can’t see
When we think about a Cyber Security breach we typically think of a highly visible instance of leaked data which cause a media storm, public backlash and reputational damage for the big brand involved.

There’s sometimes an underlying thought by small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) that it’s really only a major concern for large corporations, banks and governments, because fraudsters committing the crimes go after the big bucks.

Yet the reality is, a virus wiping out an entire data set, or a disgruntled employee running off with critical business assets is much more likely and as just as devastating, for a small business. This has never been more relevant in the current boom-time of home-working.


The cost to an SMB
According to PWC, the average cost to a small to medium sized business for a security breach is between £65K and £115K

This could include the cost for an entire business IT infrastructure being off-line while bought in consultants and the IT team try to get it back up and running, as well as post breach action required to assess what has been accessed that often lead to non-compliance fines.

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In a recent report published by the government’s Cyber Streetwise campaign and KPMG, SME victims disclosed that:
Felt that attacks impacted their reputation
Reported a loss of clients
Received negative reviews on social media
Were unable to grow in line with previous forecasts
There are two key elements to helping your business thrive in the face of cyber crime, and malware in particular: your ability to detect and your ability to respond.

Fraudsters recognise that the majority of businesses have basic measures in place, and prey on the fact that very few businesses do anything above and beyond these basic measures. So much so that over 90 per cent of cyber-related incidents are caused by user error.

With ever-evolving threats, it is important that owners of companies of all sizes not only seek to protect their business, but also begin to change their mindsets from ‘it won’t happen to us’ to ‘it’s not if, but when’.


Detect and Respond
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You can’t protect what you can’t see
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The key here is most businesses will have a subset of cyber security products and genuinely believe they’ve got it covered, so haven’t invested in tools to alert them of any anomalies in the network.

Problems occur when firewalls are neglected or badly configured, there’s an over-reliance on anti-virus, or there’s a lack of attention to what staff are plugging into the network, to name but a few.

Even if the sudden surge in remote working hadn’t happened, SMB’s are at risk because they can’t see happening in their network.

Now there’s a simple ‘plug and play’ solution that takes out the complexity and resource needed to provide the SMB IT team with all the information it needs to take action on imposing threats.

The VSOC is an affordable solution that provides:

  • Network Visibility: Identifies and eliminates network blind spots where attackers can hide.
  • Policy Assurance: Ensure that network security rules are not being violated.
  • Threat Detection: Alert and report on anomalies and threats behind the firewall.

The VSOC wraps all of this capability easy to understand Executive Summary Report, so you and you team can measure their progress.


Quick and Affordable Visibility
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