Top 3 "Must Have" technologies, right now
Shaun McKay – our guest consulting CIO - offers his Top 3 Picks from a selection of vendors that are offering up to 90 day, no cost trials during the outbreak.
Shaun McKay has worked in leadership roles, run an IT Support business and, more recently, is a consulting CIO for a number of SME’s.
As a digital transformation and security specialist he’s well versed in bridging the gap between the commercial realities of business including scarce resource, skills gaps and challenged budgets, with the prolific amount of “latest and greatest” technology fads.

Like us all, he’s been forced to look at the new set of challenges SME’s face with the move to remote working. As a guest contributor, he offers valuable insight and the need for extra vigilance in some particular areas of cyber security, that many believe is already covered in an Office 365 suite.

From a security perspective, we’ve just flipped our world "inside out"

We’ve spent years focusing on building secure perimiter walls and now users are mostly connecting from the outside, making the internet their corporate network.

Over the years, I’ve experienced an explosion in businesses implementing digital transformation, with Microsoft’s Office 365 the most adopted business productivity suite. There’s no doubting its value and power for automating business – it’s an excellent suite of products - but there are recognised security issues that in today’s new world, puts many SMEs at risk. Email security is one area where there’s a clear need for additional security

Unsurprisingly, cyber criminals have been fast in taking advantage of this, with the industry reporting a 30,000% increase* in phishing, malware and other attacks. As a result, Covid-19 hasn’t only changed our working patterns, it’s changed a CISO’s immediate priorities. Now their people are set up and working from home, their priority must be to make their employees and data secure and find immediate quick wins to patch the holes resulting from the fast and dramatic move to remote working.

McKay is a big believer in the importance of network visibility. “You need to give IT teams visibility of what could be lurking in their network and then decide whether its potentially dangerous enough to take further action. Without that, it’s extremely difficult to decide where to place the resource and budget to fix things. A recent Ponemon survey found that over 50% of IT security leaders didn’t know how effective their security was so now’s the time to find out before the damage is done.”

“The cyber security industry has responded to the challenges by offering a number of products at no cost, allowing us to put otherwise unaffordable solutions in place with little or no fuss. I’ve selected my Top 3 Must Have Technologies’ to offer the quick and reliable fix we desperately need. All are offering no cost trials and evaluations for IT teams to assess for themselves the value in the technology.

* Source:InfoSecurity Magazine

Shaun McKay
Shaun’s Top 3 "Must Have" technologies
I’ve chosen these because they’re proven technologies, quick to deploy remotely and are being offered with no cost trials for up to 180 days.

It’s a great opportunity to evaluate the technology and if you decide to keep it after the trial period, they aren’t going to bust the budget.

Top 3 "Must Have" technologies
Network Visibility Risk Assessment

90 day no-cost trial

Explore CyGlass Request a Demo
I’m a great believer in “if you can’t see it, you can’t stop it”. Remote working makes network visibility even more critical.

Cyglass is a proven, affordable, advanced threat detection solution built for SME’s and helps discover IT assets plugged into the network, detects threats, learns user & network behaviours and alerts on policy violations. As well as being one of the best security solutions in its market, it’s easy to deploy and allows you to continually measure your progress.”

Libra Esva
Advanced eMail Protection

180 day no-cost trial

Explore Libra Esva Test your Email Security Now Request a Demo
Get an immediate security assessment of this Award Winning technology. It’ll quite literally, take just a couple of minutes and will quickly tell you how safe your emails are.

“Even I wasn’t convinced you could improve email security sufficiently to warrant looking at a different tool to O365. How wrong I was and after spending just a few minutes running a test, I was very surprised at the results. I’d recommend you try it as well – the link is here.”

Security Assessment: With Libra esva, we’ve found a simple to implement email assessment tool that quickly tells you how safe your emails are. Just enter your email address below and we will send you a set of totally harmless, but potentially dangerous emails; your security product should block or disinfect all samples sent to you. If they reach your inbox, don’t jump to conclusions: read the email description to discover if and how the message has been disarmed.

Mobile Security

60 day no-cost trial

Explore BlackBerry Request a Demo
Blackberry have launched their new Blackberry Desktop product at just the right time.

It gives homeworkers the same protection as a traditional VPN without the complexities and cost and it works well with Office 365. It’s quick to deploy, scalable from 5 users upward and is competitively priced. Better still, you can get Blackberry Desktop for 60 days at no cost.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the above technologies, or assistance on how to keep your business more secure, Shaun can put you in touch with a number of carefully selected specialist companies who’ll provide free assessment and advise – with no commitment necessary, no fees and no fuss.

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