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CIO, Shaun Mackay considers the personal protection of people in the workplace

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We are all facing the challenge of how we can reassure colleagues and visitors that they are safe outside of their own homes. 

Organisations are looking to make sure their locations are as safe as possible so that their teams, visitors and – in the case of health organisations – residents / patients feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

There are many options when it comes to thermal scanning cameras and one that stands out in terms of both capability and affordability is Dragon Technologies’ Thermal Protect. This solution is not so much about the camera (although excellent in itself), but rather about the software and Artificial Intelligence layers that provide more accurate, full body thermal scanning as well as a roadmap making the investment far more worthwhile.

Dragon Technologies solution is unlike many other systems in the price range, they do not require direct or close contact for a temperature reading. Their Thermal Protect cameras provide:   

  • Full body scanning with unlimited camera feeds from any location
  • Real time video feed and alerts to different devices (PC’s, mobiles, tablets)
  • Able to screen multiple people simultaneously (up to 640 individuals per frame within a 5 metre detection range).
  • Far more cost-effective than more expensive systems that limit traffic flow to only one entry/exit point.
  • Quick and easy installation and ideal for sites for medium/high traffic flow

Future-proof Roadmap:

Like any investment, it is important to assess the cost against the benefit and timeframe you expect to receive value. Dragon Technologies are developing additional Artificial Intelligence layers that can be applied for:

  • Theft/Shoplifting Detection
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Social Distancing Detection
  • Weapon Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Image Database Matching

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